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Education it the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela

Education situation in Zimbabwe

According to UNESCO Zimbabwe has a literacy rate of 88.69% which is one of the highest on the continent and also boasts high pass rates among registered students, these facts despite being true, hides the underlying truth of the educational situation of the country, which is that for one reason or another almost half of the countries population does not have access to formal education beyond the primary level. According to the Zimbabwean Statistical agency, there are 551 238 primary students and 308 681 secondary school students who are registered as being orphaned or vulnerable students also known as OVC's (source: 2019 Annual Education Statistics Report ), most of these students have missed out on formal education mostly due to socio-economic hardships faced by the families such as inability to pay school fees or educational facilities being geographically inaccessible by disadvantaged families. Some families can only afford to send one child to school while the others have to stay home and help provide for the family, these are just some of the various situations that lead to brilliant students missing their opportunity to become great because no one ever gave them a chance to do so. Though the situation looks bleak we at the courage of H.O.P.E foundation are on a mission to improve the lives of all as many students as we can, providing them we funding and resources that will bring them closer to building a sustainable and stable future for themselves and the communities from which they come from, we have already begun and hope to increase our impact with the generosity of people such as yourself.

secondary school.jpg

The number of secondary schools orphaned and vulnerable, students by type and province, the number of students who are in this category generally increases with age and a considerable number of them do not receive any help to further their education

secondary school survial rate.jpg

The high school survival rate percentage according to year and sex, this graph shows how each year a higher and higher number of students get left behind by the education system 

Our Plan to help

The gains made in education and literacy have the potential to create self-sustaining communities while reducing poverty and combating the spread of preventable diseases. Schools provide a pathway for social and economic awareness as well as public engagement on issues related to the wellbeing of communities. Our focus on elementary and secondary education is premised on the belief that the youth are an integral part of providing lasting solutions to problems facing marginalized communities. We plan to start at a grassroots level to directly make the educational experience more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable at the BETA primary school by :

  • Upgrading the water supplies system for the school 

  •  Repairing window panels and floors

  •  Replacing doors and locks

  • Painting the classrooms

  • Constructing a disability accessible classroom

  • Improving sanitation by building eco-friendly latrines

  • Adding two more blocks of classes.

  • Constructing a kitchen to prepare and provide one meal per day

  • Providing scholarships for students in need.

  • Providing educational supplies. (Books, pencils, pens, backpacks)

  • Building a Library with space for computers, and rooms for tutoring

  • Installing solar panels

These are just some of the projects that are currently under work in the villages, and we acknowledge that it will take a lot of time and effort but together we can achieve all of this and many other things in our mission to create self-sustaining communities and reducing poverty.

Courage of Hope Scholarship recipient

Liberty Kasanhai, was born and raised in the Murehwa rural district. His parents passed away when he was still completing first grade, his mother’s family then took him in where he was raised by his grandmother. He attended Beta primary school where he showed great promise as a student and managed to excel in his final national primary examinations. This was just the beginning of Liberty’s journey as he went on to pass his ‘O’ levels with flying colors and then proceeded to do commercial subjects for his ‘A’ levels where he did exceedingly well in Mathematics, Accounting, and Economics. This performance got the attention of Courage of H.O.P.E CEO who during her visit in 2021

got to hear about Liberty. He is the first student to be supported financially by The Courage of Hope. Liberty is currently attending college and is set to complete a nursing degree in the near future. It is because of the generosity of people like you that Liberty is the first of many students that will be helped by the courage of the H.O.P. E.

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