The Engine that Drives and Shapes our Every Decision


Mark Malisa currently teaches at an institution of higher education in the United States. His research interests include International Education and Development. He has published extensively on education in general, and the education of African children in colonial and postcolonial Africa. Mark has also lived and taught in Zimbabwe.

Constancia Bosha, RN, BSN, PHN Founder & CEO

Zimbabwean born, Constancia Bosha currently works at a Trauma Hospital in Santa Rosa (California) as a registered nurse. In 2010, she relocated to California from Atlanta (Georgia) with two children and $85 to her name. She worked three jobs while raising her children, and putting both them and herself through school.


In 2012, she managed to raise enough money and purchased her first house. In 2015, she sold her house and assisted her son in acquiring his first. The proceeds from the sale of her house enabled her to stop working the three jobs and focus on attending nursing school. Through her determination and resilience, she graduated with Distinction in 2019.


In the midst of all her trials and tribulations, she continued to give credit to her parents for shaping her philosophy of life. She is still grounded by the example of her mother’s humility and compassionate heart and her father’s resilience and grit. She is happily married to James Alexander with whom she shares a vision for a world with a sense of compassion and justice for all.

Dr. Mark Malisa, Treasurer

Ginny Muchaka, Secretary

Ginny Muchaka, also a Zimbabwe born, has been friends with Constancia for over 30 years. As a very benevolent and compassionate human being, she has always been interested in helping others. When her friend proposed the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives through The Courage of H.O.P.E, she was quick to oblige.  She is currently a full-time nursing student striving for her master’s degree in Psychology.